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People suffer - People care - People help

Let's help supports people,
who have no one to turn to

Let's help introduces people,
who have dedicated their lives for those who suffer

Let's help connects people,
who need our help with people who are able to help

In close cooperation with BONO Direct Aid Association and Chance Swiss Let's help has been founded by
Gereon Wagener and Corinne Wagener in order to establish a platform:
  1. for convincing and reliable social projects, which might hardly be known
  2. for extraordinary personalities, who deserve our attention and respect
  3. for support organisations, which are looking for new and convincing projects.

Let's help combines unknown projects and impressive personalities with support organisations and people who are willing to help!

As a first phase of Let's help Corinne Wagener and Gereon Wagener are making a project journey through Africa and Asia (Travel for help) with the intention to visit convincing projects (Projects for help), remarkable organisations and great personalities, who are active in this field (People who help).

The intended route leads from Europe to Africa:
Morocco - Mauritania - Senegal - Gambia - Ivory Coast - Cameroon - Ethiopia - Uganda - Rwanda - Kenya - Tanzania - South Africa - Swaziland - Namibia.

If everything works out the journey will continue to Asia:
India - Nepal - Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Vietnam.

If you want to learn more about Let's help or if you want to get into touch with Corinne Wagener and
Gereon Wagener please click: Contact